The Indian O! – Myanmar Election Awareness Monday

Another crazy weekend.  My daughter was sick and my mom broke her neck.  Not a euphemism.  Literally, broke a vertebrae.  So I made a marathon run over to Knoxville, TN and then back today.  About 6 hours round trip.  Wrote a Myanmar rap on the way.  Of course I did.   Want to hear it? – here it goes.

Themes for today’s song include the ostensibly sham elections in Myanmar (their first in 20 years), intimidation by the ruling military junta, burdens of democracy on non-secure peoples, and our obligations to the same, if any.

UPDATE:  After production and publication of this song, serious military clashes have followed the elections.  Early reports indicate that the conflict is actually within the pro-junta faction.

Performed by ipoet.  Music produced by pumpkinFoot.

Today’s Audio Here:

Dictator The Ship

Amazingly, not only is this not the first time that I have used the word “Myanmar” in a song, I’ve actually referenced it twice before (once as Burma).  The best of the other two references can be enjoyed below, Punchdrunk.  So it’s a Monday two-song special.  It’s a song off of my crew Deepspace5’s latest release, The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be (available at  My verse is the last one.   There is simply no probability calculation that could have predicted three references to Myanmar by a single rapper over a decade’s time.  Simply off the charts unlikely.

Performed by Ds5.  Music produced by playdough.

Today’s Bonus Audio Here:


P.S.  As a final note, apparently the pronunciation of the word “Myanmar” is the source of some heartburn.  I know I have dutifully slaughtered the name and would appreciate being spared derision for it.  I promise I made an effort at due diligence, even if it doesn’t show.

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