A Surprise Delayed: Guest Poetry

What I eluded to last Friday.

It is my privilege to introduce a writer that doesn’t need any introduction . . . Wonder Brown.  A member of the Scribbling Idiots and a poet in the most literal sense of the idea, I’m so thankful to have him.  It’s been my plan and hope to have guest contributors, and I couldn’t have thought of anyone more perfect to be the first.

His song is exactly what this site is about.  Bringing to life contemporary stories that you would hesitate to tackle on a record or that would have faded in relevance by any release of the same.  Enjoy and show him your love.

In his words:

I take so many things for granted, yet still find it difficult to manage, at times, the motivation to get off my keester and hit the gym — and I go to a university where the facilities are vast, and free from the grant monies they take, errr, I give them.  When someone dies, sadly enough, nine times out of ten, even if it’s a headline, I’m not paying attention.  For some reason, something sparked my eye; and I’m glad it did.  Click the headline link on Yahoo! Newsfeed.  Start reading.  96 years is a long time — my grandmother just died at 88 — but, man, this guy looked healthy.  And, Jack LaLane was no ordinary man.  Addicted to sugars as a kid, he ended up going to a speech on fitness where the speaker called him out, and told him his diet was “garbage.”  Maybe for some children such a thing would have been a waste of breath, but for Jack, it was a wake up call, and he answered.  Thanks to Jack, fitness became a national/international calling, as Jack raised awareness with his countless efforts and remarkable feats, creating machines we now use today in fitness centers, shows on television, and diet advice that today seems commonplace.  Thanks for not taking a day for granted, Jack; thanks for caring.

— Wonder Brown

Performed by Wonder Brown.  Music produced by, no reprieve, . . . pumpkinFoot.

Today’s lat pull-down audio here:


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