President’s Day: The Least Powerful King

I bit off more than I could chew this time.  I waited too late and tried to do too much.  For some reason, in tribute to the day, I thought it would be interesting to chronicle all 44 presidents in today’s blong.  Not so interesting.  The delivery trails off so poorly about midway through the second verse that it sounds as though I’m being gently mauled by ground shrew.  In my defense, I wrote about 116 bars which I was determined to deliver in a single take, without punch-in.  But, that only works if I mean for my defense to be simply one of moronity in the first instance, for even trying.  Actually, I’m pretty proud.  This song is going to melt your face off.  In a very sort of presidential way, of course.

One of the most interesting aspects of our Chief Executive is the relative weakness of the position.  No leader of the greatest country or empire in the world has ever been so constrained.  And, yet, by constitutional design we divide the authority, traditionally centralized in the single person of history’s most accomplished kings and conquerors, among three coequal branches of government.  But, in our checks and balances, we have not been thwarted in producing greatness not only of country but of the particular and specific office of the president.

As a timely counter point, off of which I intended to pivot in the song but for time and exhaustion, the reaction of dictator’s and kings and puppet democracies in the middle east to assembly and free speech in the recent protests, including Libya, reminds us of the alternatives.

Like antiquity’s monarchs and warlords, our lesser “kings” have been of a mixed quality, some good some bad, some successful some impotent.  But, the office has had enough credibility to consistently, if not always, inspire us to real passion and ingenuity and goodness before the world.

Of course, to claim relative weakness of the presidency is never to forget that our executives have had more than sufficient power to exercise abuse in the same way government has for all of our history past.  But we believe, and endure, hoping that the abuse is dulled, in the first instance, and reversed with greater swiftness, for the constitutional limits, than were it otherwise.

Performed by ipoet.  Music produced by nomold.

Today’s audio here:

The Least Powerful King

3 thoughts on “President’s Day: The Least Powerful King

  1. Sintax, this had my head bobbing while grinning from ear to ear. Nomold KILLED it with the beat. And make no mistake my friend, this is some of your best work! I absolutely loved it!

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