Live Request Thursday: La Jefa

I had a request from Christian Latimer to cover today’s story in song, which I was thrilled to oblige.   One of the benefits of song blogging is the collaborative opportunities between the artist and the audience, which traditional musical composition has not largely allowed for.  I think there is a lot more in this vein to be explored.

In regards to the story, a 20 year old college student, mother of one, Marisol Valles Garcia, volunteered last year to be the police chief of arguably the most violent city in all of Mexico, Praxedis G. Guerrero, Chihuahua.  This week she was run out of town under what appears to be the threat of murder or kidnap by local drug cartels.  She fled to El Paso, TX and may be seeking asylum there.  The Mayor of Praxedis fired her for abandoning her post.  You think?  I’m pretty sure she’ll readily accept the pink slip over the car trunk.   Hers is the most recent example of the medieval drug violence that still somehow persists even to this day not literally a mile from our own borders.  The cartels murder with impunity public officials and law enforcement and kidnap routinely, for ransom, children and other family members of the affluent.  It is all unspeakable both for the tragedy and the impossible truth that somehow it can’t be stopped.

The exact concept of “the police chief,” in this case, may be more akin to a kind of community liaison.  It’s not clear.  She managed a small staff of unarmed deputies, either all or largely female.  Her willingness to put herself and her son in harms way is worthy of our note and esteem.  She did, however, flee in the face of the danger she vowed to fight.  I’m not sure what that means.  I, of course, would have caved at the first hard stare.  Have I mentioned that I have a low pain threshold?

She was affectionately known as La Adelita.  Woman warrior.

Performed by ipoet.  Concepted by Christian Latimer d/b/a Conduct Lionhardt.  Music produced by Fab da Eclectic.

La Adelita

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4 thoughts on “Live Request Thursday: La Jefa

  1. Thanks a lot for this one. Me and my sister learned about all this back around the time when she took over as police chief. We’ve kept up with the goings on there and truly, its heartbreaking stuff. The recent turn of events where she had to flee with her kid from the threats is horrible. Its uncertain whether or not Texas will be granting her asylum so, the story is far from over. She really wanted to make a difference and an impact on things, stepping up how she did. My prayers are with her and her child as they await the decisions on their safety.

  2. conduct, thanks for the idea. Mexico is a serious place. it’s seems unreal.

    i really appreciate it, fab.

  3. You are on point on this one. Appropriate beat for this song.

    Like you said it is crazy this stuff goes on only a few miles from the states and we turn our backs because it’s beyond our borders.

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