Long Beach Brothers

Long Beach, California had a rough day. A small-engine plane crash killed five and critically injured a sixth. Also, Long Beach native and rap legend, Nate Dogg, died of complications from a previous stroke at the age of 41. For better and worse, he was a part of the soundtrack of my youth. He remained active and relevant even until his death.

Mark Bixby, a victim of the plane crash, was a member of one of the founding families of Long Beach. Nate Dogg was a member of one of the founding families of the g funk gangsta rap era. Their respective tragedies are a study in contrast that is the dichotomy of Long Beach itself.

Life is strange. Regulators, mount up.

Performed by ipoet. Lyrics include classic Nate Dogg material. Produced by Sundance.

Today’s ridin’ audio here:


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