Look, I’m horrible with my own money. Nation-state budgets are preposterously complex. Debt is a real and permissible leveraging tool for towering economies. All the same there is surely some balance. Paul Ryan (R) has proposed one such compromise. He and his confederates see this impasse as a fiscal and ideological “cause” and not simply a budget. Democrats think the proposal is a continuing slap in the already drawn faces of entitlement beneficiaries.

A shutdown looms.

Luckily, the ipoet laureate is here. Today’s installment provides a complete list of federal services which will, and will not, persist during any time when the government is closed. Let’s just say that it doesn’t look good, guys. I’ve seen a number of media outlets forecasting that government websites may not be regularly updated. It’s disturbing to say the least. The DOT’s site in particular will be missed. Their copy is always sharply witted.

Fortunately, this site receives no federal grant monies. So rap news blogging will endure even as the world falls into apocalypse. Like the cockroach of news media.

Performed by ipoet. Music produced by dj elder and dj etch-a-sketch.

Today’s song blog here:

On Pause

7 thoughts on “WE ALL GONNA DIE!!

  1. Hey are we still allowed to download these songs to our mp3 players?

    Your newer player doesn’t seem to allow this (without using a sneaky FireFox addon anyway)

  2. Nerd, I really appreciate it. I go back and forth on whether to make them available. My present view is that I would prefer to keep them, as best I can, in the context of the blog. Because of their nature, it’s still important to me that people understand that they are being created under certain constraints and for a particular purpose. Once they leave the site, all of that will be less clear.

    To Cari and Daniel, the emphasis on “this one” implies that some others have been less than loved. And, that hurts. It really does. (Thanks for always listening!)

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