A Haunting Praematura

I was all prepared to post a song about the fall of Gadhafi but apparently he is not sensitive to this site’s traditional Monday/Thursday song schedule and continued to resist the rebel/allied pursuit even through today.

The whole thing is crazy. In one moment, there will be a report of his demise and then, in the next, a casually dressed son of his, Saif Al-Islam Gadhafi for instance, will be huffing crazily through the streets in some gold, Rocky-Balboa style, cuffed t-shirt trying to show the international press that the regime is still alive. Meanwhile, Gadhafi is peanut-gallery taunting the whole affair through dubious video and audio messages. It’s like he’s haunting the city and he’s not even dead yet.

There have also been these great reports throughout the conflict in Libya concerning the young people of Misrata who laid down fairly Western lives, comprised of hair product, smart phones, and video games, to take up weapons of war in defense of their homeland. They have fought valiantly in the Berber Western Mountain region, under a barrage of heavy shelling. It’s been an unexpected experiment in the resolve of the PS3 generation. Who knows, you may have even played with some of them on-line.

Amazingly, in less than a year this will be my 3rd Libya song and 2nd “Killzone” reference. Who could have guessed?

Performed by ipoet. Music produced by dj clutch.

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Ghost Recon

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