2011 NFL iPreview

It’s not my fault that the Republicans debated and the POTUS presented to Congress his jobs’ plan the same week as the NFL resumed “work.” I had a choice to stay faithful to the original purpose of this site and cover the week’s politics or I could do an NFL preview and drive traffic. Go Skins!!!

I did make the slightest observation concerning the lost innocence of the game. It was a deft touch and shouldn’t evoke any serious guilt over your fantasy football league or major gambling problem.

I had to squeeze a full 17 week schedule plus playoffs in 8 bars of music, so if you have any questions concerning my actual prognostications, don’t hesitate to comment or inquire.

Just to reiterate, these songs are being prepared at warp speed under less than ideal sonic and recording conditions. So cut me half a break as I foray into pop-electronica. It might be a little “pitchy.” Oh, and I’m not a dang singer. I’m an emcee.

Performed by ipoet. Music produced by Sundance.

Today’s blong hit here:

Foam Finger

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