Give and Take

Steve Jobs passed this week. I don’t need to fill you in on his story. He’s an accepted technological genius of our time. Apple’s products have changed the way we live our lives. I’m not an Apple or Jobs worshiper but our family has nearly the entire product line, in various specs, and has been Apple exclusive for some time. It is hard to overstate the difference in the execution of my daily living pre and post iphone and macbook and ipod, for both the better and the worse. Certainly other brands have designed similar or superior devices but Apple always seems to be the first to market and the one most sensitive to subtleties of style and self awareness. They are of course now the corporate conglomerate that in some ways they always spurned.

For me personally, I have this weird dream of simplicity that couldn’t be any more incongruent with the way I actually live. And, the convenience of the Apple lifestyle invites all these simultaneously efficient and distracting incidents of modern living.

A lesser publicized story is that of Occupy Wall Street a, maybe grass roots/maybe contrived, Financial District sit in by protestors, of Lord knows what demographic, decrying the excesses and abuse of Wall Street and its Government regulators and enablers. In addition to my glorification of simplicity, I also have this romantic idea that I’d like to be brave in protest standing against the many injustices of our western lifestyle, government and personal.

The two stories, Jobs’ death and Occupy Wall Street, stir so much of the same tensions in me. I have these competing desires to simultaneously worship the progress of our society and burn it down. I’m sure I’m not alone. I don’t have the wisdom or the time to postulate an answer. But, I suspect that living life is finding some middle ground. Not as a cop out or compromise but because in every generation humanity has been called upon to find virtue in its advancement. Our portable technology is not evil. Our digital lives are not evil. But, they are susceptible, just like the buggy and the plow, to distraction or to misuse or to self-aggrandizment or to laziness.

I guess I’m just trying to learn a little bit better about how to give and take.

May God bless the Jobs family in this time of grief and sadness.

Performed by ipoet. Music sequenced by the ipoet from Yael Naïm’s “New Soul.”

Forbidden Fruit

8 thoughts on “Give and Take

  1. Awesome…Like the change up of the slow beat and singing. Reminds me of you mixed with Pigeon John Sings the Blues. Keep it up!

  2. @Bobby, thanks so much for the encouragement. It’s an honor that you’d think of me in that way.

    @Tanner, I wish had a drop of PJ’s style! I really appreciate it.

  3. I agree with above sentiments. You nailed some of my thoughts most accurately in this posting as well as made a case for some future use of your humble singing talent.

    The dichotomy of wanting to go against the advancement of things for what it removes from us and daily using said advancements in various ways in my life, is a battle I face often. If it was simple, I’d never know many of the people I work and admire so well but, I often feel weak from the constant connectivity and almost impossible way to truly be apart and individual from it all. “the Simple Life” becomes a concept that’s harder to define…

  4. I forgot to tell you…you also passed the all important “wife” test. She approved of the song, which is like winning an MTV music award in our house or something very prestigious ;)

  5. I pretty much hate Steve Jobs (Not changing my tune just because he died. Everybody dies) for his Big Brother-esque attempts to control other people’s phones. (Once they’re sold, they need to be our phones, not Apple’s phones anymore. That’s called “private property”) But you made an excellent song. You should sing more!

  6. @nerd, hahahaha, I love your comments. I don’t know about hate but I certainly don’t feel the same deep-seated esteem held by others. I sure am grateful as what for my iphone though!

    @conduct, I think the phrase “your humble singing talent” is the most amazing thing that’s been posted on this site. That’s a super diplomatic way of saying that my strengths lie elsewhere!

    For various reasons I don’t feel like divulging, it sometimes takes me a while to reply. But, I really, really appreciate those that take the time to comment.


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