The World Did Not End, Again, Update

In case you missed it, the world failed to end again, yesterday. It would be embarrassing if you were continuing as if it had. In May, I warned here about the consequences, historically, associated with laughing at prophets and cynicism for the end of days. My sympathies continue to lie with those who are desperate for the deepest mysteries of our existence and universe, even when they are laughably wrong.

The originally posted song appears, again, below. Some days just aren’t your day.

This post will expire at midnight tonight.

Performed by ipoet. Music produced by Jordan Santana.

Today is Your Day

2 thoughts on “The World Did Not End, Again, Update

  1. i see you. unable to curb your wild creative urges again. at least i’ll know where to find you. the song/blog is a typically anarchic Brewer concept … long may it wave. i’ll be peeping you, so behave. Neil aka critter.

  2. Critter, are you kidding!?? Long time. Thanks for the comment. And, I got the song. Will listen. Thanks for tracking me down.

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