Wow. This was nearly a new record. I sat down at my computer at 8:09 pm without a topic for today’s blong. Finished recording at 9:25 pm. My previous best had been High Alert Pt. 1, which I completed in roughly an hour, prior to trick-or-treating and then jumping on a plane. Today’s song was a little more involved and, for that, it felt a more impressive feat. I’m not sure that the writing and recording were not completed in comparable time. Some conceptualizing presaged that, of course. Regardless, either song will be hard to top in terms of efficiency. Like DiMaggio’s 56.

Anyway, even by America’s lurid and distractible standards, there are presently swirling a startling number of salacious allegations in the news. Justin Bieber. Herman Cain. Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray. And, the most heinous, those levied by Hillary Adams and those against Jerry Sandusky, former assistant football coach at Penn State. The feeling I can never escape is the sort of collective guilt we all share in these terrible incidents. Although particular individuals bear the charge of any specific set of allegations against them, and rightfully so, there is this sense that all of humanity is indicted. Please don’t mistake the whimsy and snide in today’s song for some sort of flippancy or disdain for the accusser or their allegations. Quite the opposite. But, there is a kind of loopiness to it all to hear so much terrible accusation made at once, allegedly.

“Allegedly” is a quintessentially American word. It’s the last remnant of a disguise we use to publicly maintain our value that all are innocent until proven otherwise while privately assuming everybody’s guilt.

Performed by ipoet. Music produced by pumpkinFoot.

Today’s song blog here:

It Was You

5 thoughts on “Allegedly,

  1. Allegedly you did it again,
    Yeah allegedly
    Accused of makin the tune
    That’s in my headphones, G
    Nice work covering the alleged alleged testimony
    What’s next, Mr. Rogers touching his trolley inappropriately?
    People lying like this and what they lie about disgusts me
    It’s getting so you know they’re lying whenever they say “Trust me”

  2. Grace, Nerd, grace! :) Yeah, it’s super frustrating. Just the damage alone is maddening before you even get to the obfuscation. Nice, limerick, by the way!

    Also, I haven’t listened to a ton but your mixtapes look/sound pretty interesting. Really, liked the artwork.

  3. Biebers raising biebers…HAHA! You have done it again, on the wonderful song to go along with the blog.

    Interestingly, once more, you’ve hit upon something that I was JUST talking with people about (way to have that finger on the pulse of the NOW, sir!) I’ve actually become quite fatigued with the use of Allegedly in public defense of…well, take a pick, this week!
    The honest truth seems to be that, often or not, we do seem to state a belief in the (axiom, if I’m not misusing the word) that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, despite the general adherence to crucifying people based on whether we think they are the “type” to do what they’ve been accused.

  4. @Conduct, thank you sir. Yeah, guilty until proven innocent is an important institutional protection but not a very practical expectation of the general public.

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