At Least They Have Great Meatballs

Has anyone else noticed how heavily this site traffics in/relies upon infantile ethnic and cultural stereotyping? Wait until tomorrow. It gets worse.

So, news has come in that Julian Assange, the principle editor of WikiLeaks, has lost his court battle against extradition back to Sweden to face the sexual assault charges pending against him there. I’ve stayed sort of neutral on the propriety of the WikiLeaks service. I see the arguments for and against. Assange is definitely either a creepy or highly contemplative guy, maybe both. Although in the hair I favor one, I’m not an English barrister. But based on the information available, the extradition decision is not any sort of comment on the merits of the pending allegations against him.

I am Order of the Coif, however. (Another brag brag, not to be confused with the more artful humble brag.)

My WikiLeaks blong was one of the first on this site. So, it holds a good deal of sentiment for me in that respect. Plus, it’s over a super fresh Manny beat. The brevity of the copy portion of the post will give you some insight into the evolution of this site in a year’s time. Plus, only like 4 people were following me at that time (2 of whom were being compensated — in personalized rap news songs, of course), so you probably missed it.

Performed by ipoet.  Music produced by DJ M@nwell?

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