Everybody is Listening In

TEDxGreenville gets busy on a live track.

Thanks to Wise, Bolick, and von Frank.

Oh and Happy Anniversary to my wife!

Written and recorded by the TEDxGreenville community live on stage. Freestyle verse and other vocals performed by the ipoetlaureate and crowd.

Music produced by Juicebox Jackson.

TED Talks

[Post Mortem: The day was very special. In so many respects it was the fulfillment of many hopes and dreams. In a few, it was nightmarish. In the middle of my presentation, which had gone mostly to plan, I had an audio issue with my macbook that was unnavigable. It was beyond essentially all the contingencies I had made. I didn’t know whether to scrap the effort entirely or pitch my computer into the crowd — both alternatives to the same effect I suppose. To the absolute credit of Marc Bolick and Aaron von Frank, TEDxGreenville Directors, and many others, I was given grace, reassurance, and most of all time to complete the presentation. All sorts of other problems arose, induced by the first, including a reduction in my headphone volume, which made my freestyle a rambling effort as I tried to hear myself and the measure in the song where it had to be terminated. I was disappointed by failing to deliver a clean piece but overwhelmed by the response of the live and at-home audience. I think in truth the best possible outcome was reached. The A/V hiccup created an authenticity and informality and a connectedness with the very generous audience that might have been wanting in its absence. Those candid moments are what make live music and art singular. My many, many thanks to the immense and voluntary and selfless TEDx staff and team.]

10 thoughts on “Everybody is Listening In

  1. Way to go! I watched the event on the live stream. Once again I have to give your props for your vocal sounding so crisp. Either you’re just that good or I seriously have to find myself a better mic.

    By the way, your homie and I have the exact same hat. I rock it often.

  2. Favorite presentation today my friend! Thanks for showing up! Love what you are doing.

    Big Jon

  3. Appreciated the talent, team work and creativity it took to create this quick piece in such a public setting; a risk that was impressive and inspiring. Keep on going, the beauty of gems in the making. Thanks for upping the bar for TEDX Greenville.

  4. You were awesome at TEDxGreenville. Forget about the AV glitch, it was nothing. You nailed it and inspired so many people to find that ideal intersection between who they are and what they do. Thank you!

  5. Thanks to all for the encouragement and the kind words. I was frustrated not to be able to deliver a clean presentation but thankful for the opportunity to connect in maybe an even more authentic way. The day was really perfect all around. Thanks for coming to check the site. I’ve been slow this week as we were on vacation for kids’ spring break. Back in the saddle. @Stephen, I do play out but not a whole lot locally. Not as much as I used to. I’ll try and let you know.

  6. The presentation was off the chain, loved it! Was unfortunate not to catch the whole thing though, is there a way to get the video? Looked around the Internet and no such luck?

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