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The New York Jets officially announced Tim Tebow yesterday as their backup quarterback. And, starting underwear model. (Are the Jets running a football squad or a modeling agency? Sanchez and Tebow have now appeared in more sultry advertising than a Hardee’s cheeseburger. If Quinn and Brady and Cam could be traded to NY as cornerbacks, the Jets would be competitive for the Lingerie, if not the Super, Bowl.)

This just generally strikes me as a horrible fit. Tebow is certainly going to put pressure on Sanchez for the starting role, which may or may not be very effective at making Sanchez any better at his job. More importantly, the interpersonal dynamics just seem so weird. Tim’s been lampooned so much he’s like a internet gif. I would think it would be difficult for a proud and sort of street locker room like the Jets to embrace this dude. But, it sounds like he preferred it to Jacksonville. We’ll see.

Anyway, I’ve already done one Tebow song. I can’t bring myself to do another, quite yet. But, to join the fracas, I thought I’d repost. This is what I said about him back in the fall.

A new post tonight, I promise. Brad Pitt and Sean Penn raise an orphaned litter of Mango together.

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