Bryce Harper, 19 year old baseball phenom, debuts with a double, RBI, laser rocket throw from Left, furious arm swinging on the base paths, and a raccoon pelt for hair.

NFl Draft. Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III go 1 and 2, respectively. RGIII wears an inspirational pair of socks that urges young people to “Go and Catch Your Dream.” (And, a lesser known but equally inspirational pair of boxer briefs that inspires young people to “Go Commando.”) Dan Snyder, Redskins owner and eternal nostalgic sap, takes the socks a little too literally and re-signs 80s football legend and perennial fastest-man-in-the-league, Darrell Green, to a 3-year deal. Doesn’t realize, or maybe just doesn’t care, that he’s 56 and now only second fastest man at neighborhood barbecue. Wants to entice Theismann back out of the booth and make RGIII wear a single barred face mask. Also, finds “commando” surprisingly efficient.

NBA Playoffs start. Derek Rose and Iman Shumpert devastatingly tear knee ligaments. Lebron tears a nail. I write and record today’s blong while watching Clippers/Grizzlies game. Leave room in Fourth Quarter to finish, with the Grizzlies enjoying some 20+ point lead. Imply in song that Grizzlies dominate. Check Discover that Clippers mount biggest rally in history of playoffs. Realize I will not have included most important sports story of the playoff weekend in my song. Despise song blogging.

YMCA soccer. My daughters lose first game of the year. After pitching a shutout for the initial 17 seconds of the game, give up 13 unanswered goals. True story. 13.

AAU hoops. Son’s team loses in semifinals of weekend tournament. Gets first Triple Double: 12 dribbles into traffic. 10 reach-in crotch punches. And, 13 parents yelling obscenities at third graders. Keeping it classy, AAU. By the way, a lot of hand-wringing and theorizing about the decline of African Americans in baseball. Pretty simple. The AAU basketball season is in the SPRING. There are five kids on my son’s basketball team, including him, that are also trying to play baseball. The other four are black. And, they won’t be playing baseball after this Spring most likely. As with anything, there are a mixture of factors at play — interest, opportunity, expense. But, it’s become pretty clear to me that the best black athletes are playing hoops in the spring. The AAU season flatly precludes also playing baseball, certainly through middle and high school. Case solved. You’re welcome people who were worried about it.

NHL playoffs. Um, yeah.

I have a problem with sports talk radio, podcasts, and television programming. And, by “problem” I mean a crack addiction. Any day now I plan on getting my priorities, at least, crimped, if not completely straightened.

One of the greatest weekends in sport.

Performed by ipoetlaureate. Music produced by djclutch.

Today’s song blog here:

Getting Luck-y: Go and Catch Your Dream

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  1. NHL – Coyotes go up 2-0 in 2nd round after an in probable season which could possibly keep them in PhxGlendale if they can make it to the stanley cup finals. But probably not.

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