On the road. Early hours of the morning, recording from a top secret undisclosed vocal booth. About to pass out.

Left my windscreen at home, of course. Had to use a Kleenex on my mic to try and kill some of the consonants.

Super budget tonight.

But, I had to get something in on Romney’s selection of Wisconson congressman, Paul Ryan, for vice presidential running mate. Couple of super quick thoughts before I drop into a coma.

1. Serious pick. Ryan is the real deal whether or not you agree with his policy initiatives or politics. A cosmic leap from Oh 8’s Republican vice presidential choice.

2. In a time of continued economic stagnation, R & R, together, represent a formidable fiscal alternative, if not necessarily the most energetic or entertaining duo.

3. Ryan has, over the last year or so, begun backpedaling from a well-documented obsession with Ayn Rand’s classic, Atlas Shrugged. I really don’t have time to unpack it all so make sure to chase your listening of this blong with a Google of “Rand” and “Ryan.”

4. Rand is an atheist philosopher and advocate of the most cold sort of economic individualism.

5. Ryan is Catholic.

6. He seems to have made such a drastic 180, at least in part, out of fear that the Republican base would decry his advocacy of the aetheist Rand. (It’s certainly a possibility that he simply changed his mind about her.)

7. Homogeneity of view is not a reasonable expectation. Not with our politicians. Not with our preachers. Not with our colleagues. Not with our spouses.

8. We can agree with, and even be inspired by, ideas or arguments expressed by people we otherwise disagree with or even despise. It’s not all or nothing. I love finding wisdom in a place unexpected. Like an Easter egg.

9. Ryan’s interest in Rand does not disqualify him as a Republican or Christian.

It just disqualifies him from being unthinking.

Which would have been a nice departure from prior Veep candidates who apparently had no book list at all. But, unfortunately, he appears to have abdicated.

I’m with Atlas. Non-story.

Performed by ipoetlaureate. Music produced by Sundance.

Today’s song blog here:

Atlas Shrugged

2 thoughts on “R&R

  1. I haven’t heard the rap yet, but it’s absolutely ridiculous that this is the kind of stuff Republicans have to come to terms with

  2. Exactly. And the irony is that people are so distracted by these sorts of things that he’s having to distance himself from what is by all measures an imminently traditional conservative tome. It’s madness.

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