I Have a Dream Big

Coincidentally, my girls wrote a song about dreaming big yesterday. Not consciously inspired by the timeless words of Dr. King but, even still, an expression of the same timeless desire we all share that things will be better.

dream big H

dream big L

Song blogging allows you to be rare things in music. Timely. Relevant. Niche. Imperfect.

And personal.

So today I let my girls get down. They set all kinds of records in blonging. Quickest song written and recorded. Most Oreos eaten. Shrillest girl giggles. Whitest.

Happy MLK, to all the dreamers.

Written and performed by The Bricks (Hannah B – 9 yrs old & Lucy B 8 yrs old). Music produced by Dalama Jones.
Today’s blong here:

Dream Big

2 thoughts on “I Have a Dream Big

  1. Letting kids Dream Big is the best long game we’ve got in this whole mess. Thanks for raisin’ yours right and putting them on the mic!

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