Rube Goldberg of Riot

Riots broke out in Cairo, Egypt at the end of last week.  President Mubarak dissolved the government.  Calls for his resignation and immediate transition to democracy persist.  Yemen, Algeria, Tunisia, and Egypt have all experienced similar unrest over floundering economies, failing labor, nepotism, and human rights abuses.  The copy cat effect of successive protests might mousetrap its way down to a deeper democracy than any of our diplomacy or war could entice.  Egypt, more than any of the others before it poses the greatest international uncertainty, considering its size, diverse population, and central place in Middle East politics.  Whatever replaces the present regime, if at all, there is no guarantee that it will be any sort of improvement.

My regards and gratitude to last week’s gPoet, Wonder Brown, who ushered in a banner day, in terms of traffic, last Thursday.  He will be back.

Performed by ipoet.  Music produced by pumpkinFoot.

Today’s mummified audio here:

Dominoin' ('till all of dem go)

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