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La Adelita (3-10-11)

Off the Head (lines) 3-6-11 (3-6-11)

god Hates You (3-3-11)

Seen and Not Heard (Dominoin' Part 3) (2-28-11)

Keep it Movin' (Remix) (2-24-11)

The Least Powerful King (2-21-11)

Democracy's Morning (Dominoin' Part 2) (Bahrain Protests 2-17-11)

F*$get You! (The Grammy’s 2-14-11)

Craig's Got A List (Congressman Advertises on Craigslist 2-10-11)

Toothless Grin (Super Bowl 2-7-11)

The Way We Should Die (Health Care Reform Court Decision 2-3-11)

Dominoin' ('till all of dem go) (Egypt Riots 1-31-11)

Jack (by guest poet: Wonder Brown – Jack LaLane 1-27-11)

We Do Big Things (SOTU 1-26-11)

A Terminal Seat (High Alert Pt. 2) (Moscow Airport Bombing & Olbermann Departure 1-24-11)

Teddy Ballgame (“Golden Voice” Ted Williams 1-20-11)

Worst Street in Every City (Tunisia Riots & MLK Day 1-17-11)

Beds Submerging (Brisbane Flooding 1-13-11)

A Safe Way (Arizona Shooting 1-10-11)

Eightballin' 2011 (2011 Predictions 1-3-11)

We Live in Public 2010 (2010 Year in Review 12-29-10)

Off the Head (lines) 12-5-10 (Weekly Freestyle Roundup)

TWTW 11-29-10 (A Free Shipping Remix) (Weekly Roundup)

Mass Games (Korean Conflict)

Red Dawn (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty “START”)

TWTW 11-15-10 (Weekly Roundup)

If You Build It . . . (Israeli Settlements 11-15-10)

TWTW 11-8-10 (Weekly Roundup)

Dictator The Ship (Myanmar Elections 11-7-10)

Only One Can Win (U.S. Midterm Elections 11-3-10)

High Alert Pt. 1 (Yemen Terror Plot 11-1-10)

TWTW 10-25-10 (Weekly Roundup)

Top Secret (Wikileaks Afghanistan Document Dump 10-25-10)

TWTW 10-17-10 (Weekly Roundup)

Whistle Workin' (Chilean Mine Rescue 10-17-10)

Reading Madison's Mind (Sonia Sotomayor Confirmation Hearings 9-22-09)

The Last Shall Be G8' (2009 G8 Summit)

Green Out (2009 Iran Election Protests)

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