March Like an Egyptian

After a long Thanksgiving weekend away, didn’t get to this song until laaaaate. Trimmed a tree. Kicked it with some college students. So, show me some grace.

The people of Egypt want to throw off the military council which has governed since the unseating of President Mubarak. As is typical in emerging democracies, sometimes the medicine is worse than the sickness. Protestors have been gathered in Tharir Square since last Saturday. There has been terrible violence by the military against the activists.

Today, the country votes on parliamentary seats. There is widespread distrust of the credibility of the election and a significant concern that the Muslim Brotherhood will perform well.

Over the alternatives, some, have wishfully longed that Tutantkhamen, the boy king, should lead them, who is at least of the youth.

Welcome back from holiday.

Performed by ipoet. Music produced by pumpkinFoot.

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King Tut

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