Press Junket Series No. 7

Work has been busy. Sorry it’s been slow. Haven’t done a weekly round up in a minute. So, I thought I would.

The week that was.

Performed by ipoet. Music produced by pumpkinFoot.

Today’s song blog here:

TWTW 1-29-12

2 thoughts on “Press Junket Series No. 7

  1. Short but Super sweet. Proving once again that I don’t need a television or radio to keep up in this world, just the facts.

    And I really dug the SOTU blong. Probably my favorite since the Steve Jobs / Apple blong. Thanks for keeping it up, even during a busy week.

  2. Man, I’m glad you liked it. Almost scrapped it halfway through (the SOTU blog that is). You can never tell with this stuff. You just do it and hope that there’s something worthwhile there. Even then, I can never guess how certain things will or won’t connect. Thank YOU for being such a loyal visitor.

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