Year of the Rabbit Continued and a Happy President’s Day

I’m embarrassed with all this self-promotion. No I’m not. Well, sort of.


Not at all.

It’s just been a good week or so. I can’t help it. First, the TEDx announcement and now this.

Sphere of Hip Hop has named me Emcee of the Year, mostly on the strength of The Prince with a Thousand Enemies album but also, in part, for my work here. The field included my rap hero; the best rapper I know personally; a West Coast legend; and a guy that morphed his face with a lion on his album cover. I feel pretty fortunate. I double checked that it wasn’t a typo. I thought maybe they meant to give me just “Small Animal Hutch Rapper of the Year.” Nope. Best in class.

I’m really humbled by it. The record felt like a risk and took too many years of my life to complete. I’m so thankful for the modest acclaim it received.

Here is the press junket’s official President’s Day Anthem, first published last year. Not as any political statement, but let us always be thankful that the greatest nation in the world, is so, in part, because it has the least powerful king.

Performed by ipoetlaureate.  Music produced by nomold.

The Least Powerful King

4 thoughts on “Year of the Rabbit Continued and a Happy President’s Day

  1. You also got Album of the Year, on’s Best of 2011 awards.

    Congrats to being the best emcee and having the best album of 2011.

  2. This is brilliant. I wish I had your vocal track so I could remix it with a beat made from samples of the Animaniacs Presidents song.

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