A Lullaby

It’s bracket Monday, and, while I’d love to execute my first ever NCAA tournament song, including a rant about Florida at a 2 seed and jokes about Va Tech’s perpetually burst bubble, this site is committed to nonsense delayed (or maybe epitomized). The death toll in Japan has exceeded 10,000 but that figure likely has no statistical viability considering the chaos it pantomimes to measure. Sentimental gestures are largely embarrassing. To say we stand in solidarity is like the offer of a toy boat against the crush of a tsunami.

There is One who loses sleep over all of our tragedy; hasn’t rested for an eternity. Maybe Japan can, if even for only a while. It’s almost bedtime in Japan. Goodnight.

Performed by ipoet. Music produced by Diaz from Hungary.

Today’s lullaby here:

Goodnight Japan


A Regrettable Bonus: Tragedy in the Pacific

I’m happy to offer a third entry this week but not happy for the circumstances that prompted it. As you are likely aware, Japan’s east coast was hit by a devastating tsunami yesterday, propelled from the epicenter of an 8.9 earthquake some 230 miles offshore. Tens of thousands have been evacuated and hundreds are already reported dead or missing. That number will sickeningly increase.

Every day we stand humbly in the shadow of Providence and the terrible majesty of its creation.

A slumbering mother dragon.

Performed by ipoet. Produced by Sundance.

Mother Dragon


How Can We Sleep?

Horrific flash flooding in Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia.  The river has risen above its banks to an extent not seen since 1974.  It is anticipated that as many as 20,000 homes might be destroyed.

I have family in Western Australia.  Perth, specifically.  They are nowhere near the disaster.  But for them and the tragedy of it all, my attention has been drawn.   There is also a pretty vibrant hip hop community down under as well.

Performed by ipoet.  Music produced by pumpkinFoot.

Today’s audio here:

Beds Submerging

P.S.  My ds5 homeboy, Playdough, recorded an EP in Australia, Goodonya, which can be purchased here.