The Songs

Again, the following songs were written and produced contemporaneous to the events they describe in an effort to archive the news in music. ¬†Whether you’re catching up or looking for favorites, here they are, all in one spot, the complete work:

Dean Winters (Hacking of South Carolina Department of Revenue 10-30-12)

The Adults in the Room (Final Presidential Debate 10-22-12)

Walking Dead (Zombie Love Song/Walking Dead Anthem 10-14-12)

Verizon Line (Live Event – Verizon Employee Appreciation 10-4-12)

Curriculum Vitae (The Press Junket 2 Year Anniversary 9-30-12)

How Come (Prison Abuse in the country of Georgia 9-23-12)

Devil’s Advocate (Middle East riots over “Innocence of the Muslims” movie and death of U.S. Officials 9-14-12)

Autodraft Beef (Fantasy Football Dis Track and Fantasy Football Focus Podcast Anthem 9-10-12)

Rally (President Bill Clinton, DNC, and Reasonableness 9-5-12)

Deliver Me Not (Democratic National Convention 9-4-12)

Off the Head (lines) 9-4-12 (Freestyle Weekly Roundup 9-3-12)

Red Meat (Republican National Convention 8-29-12)

Livestrong (Death of Neil Armstrong and Lance Armstrong PED fight 8-26-12)

Snapback Doctrine (Congressman Todd Aiken’s “Forcible Rape” remarks 8-23-12)

Surf and Turf (Diana Nyad Swim and Women invited to Augusta National 8-20-12)

Behind the Blong Vol. 1 (A Capella Freestyle Blong Drafts Gold 8-13-12)

Atlas Shrugged (Selection of Paul Ryan 8-12-12)

Sharps and Squares (NJ Sports Gambling Legislation 8-9-12)

Tied Behind My Back (Live Freestyle and song from Clemson Leadership Summit 8-6-12)

Times Zero (India Blackout 7-31-12)

Torch Bear (Opening of the Olympics & Winning 7-27-12)

Dark Night (Colorado Shooting 7-23-12)

Civil War (Syrian Civil War 7-19-12)

All Spin (Higgs-Boson Particle 7-17-12)

On Top (Steve Nash Trade & White Point Guards 7-6-12)

Shell Game (Supreme Court Affordable Act 6-28-12)

Gunwalk (Operation “Fast and Furious” 6-20-12)

Oobe (Bath Salts Attacks & Sandusky 6-11-12)

Cookbook (JP Morgan 2 Billion Dollar Loss 5-15-12)

Haircut (Cruelty & Mitt Romney High School Account 5-10-12)

Getting Luck-y: Go and Catch Your Dream (Sports Roundup, Bryce Harper & NFL Draft 4-29-12)

Le Pen-dulum Swings (French Elections 4-22-12)

Hologram Bandstand (Tupac hologram at Coachella & Death of Dick Clark 4-19-12)

The Capitol Gains (The Buffett Rule & Capital Gains Tax 4-16-12)

Shining Star (North Korea Missile Test & Satellite 4-14-12)

Born Sooner (Tulsa, OK shooting & race 4-9-12)

TWTW 3-31-12 (Weekly Roundup 4-5-12)

TED Talks (Freestyle and song recorded live on stage at TEDxGreenville 3-30-12)

Hunger Games (Clooney Arrest & Celebrity Altruism 3-28-12)

Lorax Real (My daughters’ freestyle 3-20-12)

Golden (Rod Blagojevich goes to jail 3-14-12)

Silent e (My 8 year old covers a PBS classic 3-2-12)

No Bite (Ohio School Shooting & Bullying 2-29-12)

Exaggerated (Death of Journalists in Syria 2-23-12)

Grace to Fail (Jeremy Lin 2-16-12)

Human Shield (Homs, Syria Shelling 2-13-12)

Toothless Grin 2012 (Just Win) (Super Bowl XLVI 2-6-12)

TWTW 1-29-12 (Weekly Roundup 2-1-12)

SofU: The Blueprint IV (State of the Union Address 1-24-12)

Walk the Plank (SOPA 1-20-12)

A King’s Sport (MLK & Work to Ride Polo Team 1-16-12)

Don’t Tread on Me (NH & SC Primaries 1-11-12)

Eightballin; 2012 (2012 Predictions 1-5-12)

Show of Hands (Iowa Caucus 1-4-12)

Family Drive 2011 (2011 Year in Review 12-30-11)

Evergreen (Christmas 12-23-11)

Sugar and Spice (Death of Kim Jong Il 12-21-11)

I Didn’t (Death of Christopher Hitchens 12-17-11)

All Things (Tim Tebow 12-12-11)

Echo Chamber (Republican Primary 12-5-11)

Tree Trim (A Christmas Carol 12-1-11)

You’re Welcome (Thanksgiving 11-23-11)

In the Delivery (Iranian Nuclear Program 11-21-11)

First Person Playa (MW3 Release, video games, & live combat 11-17-11)

Over the Board (Book Review of End Game (Bobby Fischer bio) 11-14-11)

Dorm Dreams (Penn State Scandal 11-10-11)

It Was You (Public Sexual Accusations 11-7-11)

Stack Dough (Like Baklava) (Greek Economy & Euro Bailout Tribute 11-3-11)

(Not) Good Times (2011 World Series 10-30-11)

No Room (PETA Orca Whale Lawsuit 10-26-11)

Down at the Y (YMCA & Girls Soccer Tribute 10-23-11)

Bad Guy (Occupy Wall Street 10-19-11)

Super: The Rain City Anthem (Phoenix Jones Real Life Super Hero 10-16-11)

You don’t know Jack (Iran Bomb Plot 10-13-11)

Forbidden Fruit (Death of Steve Jobs & Occupy Wall Street 10-8-11)

Good News (ipoet 1 Year Anniversary Tribute 10-2-11)

Still Alive (911 10 Year Anniversary Tribute 9-10-11)

Foam Finger (NFL Preview 9-8-11)

For the Band Kids (College Football Preview 9-1-11)

New York Blow (Hurricane Irene 8-28-11)

Ghost Recon (Libya standoff and Search for Gadhafi 8-25-11)

London Bridge Is (London Riots/Mark Duggen 8-22-11)

I Love Legos, Man (Guest poetry: My 8 year old son and his friend 8-18-11)

The Last Straw (Ames Straw Poll 8-16-11)

My Joy (McDowell County, WVa 7-28-11)

Nancy Ain’t Grace (Casey Anthony Trial 7-8-11)

the Wolfpact (First Thai Female Prime Minister and Fourth of July 7-4-11)

TWTW 6-26-11 (Weekly Roundup 6-29-11)

A Little Less Somehow (New York Same Sex Legislation 6-25-11)

I Hate it When I’m Write (2011 NBA Championship 6-12-11)

No Ruby Red (Joplin, MO Twisters 5-26-11)

Today is Your Day (Harold Camping & the Apocalypse 5-23-11)

Raising the Roof (Debt Ceiling 5-19-11)

Deadline (ipoet Anthem 5-19-11)

Start to Drown (Midwest Flooding 5-12-11)

It’s like shhhhhh (Forks over Knives preview 5-9-11)

Oh Pakistan (Pakistan Diplomacy and Bin Laden 5-5-11)

Something to Celebrate (Death of Osama Bin Laden 5-2-11)

TWTW 4-25-11 (Weekly Roundup 4-28-11)

Houseless Home (Easter in China 4-25-11)

Win or Go Home: The Next Derek Rose (NBA Playoff Preview 4-18-11)

Private Rocket (Space Shuttle Final Flights 4-14-11)

Get Strong (Civil War Sesquicentennial 4-11-11)

On Pause (Government Shutdown 4-7-11)

So Many (Ivory Coast violence 4-4-11)

Groundhog Day

Damascus Road (Dominoin’ Part 4))

Face the World

Bless with a Gun

Regulate (Long Beach Plane Crash and Nate Dogg Death 3-16-11)

Goodnight Japan (Japan Tsunami 3-14-11)

Mother Dragon (Japan Tsunami 3-11-11)

La Adelita (Praxedis G. Guerrero Female Sheriff 3-10-11)

Off the Head (Lines) (News Freestyle 3-6-11)

god Hates You (Snyder v. Phelps 3-3-11)

Seen and Not Heard (Dominoin’ Part 3) (Libya Protests 2-28-11)

Keep it Movin’ (Guest Poet: Wonder Brown 2-24-11)

The Least Powerful King (President’s Day 2-21-11)

Democracy's Morning (Dominoin' Part 2) (Bahrain Protests 2-17-11)

F*$get You! (The Grammy’s 2-14-11)

Craig's Got A List (Congressman Advertises on Craigslist 2-10-11)

Toothless Grin (Super Bowl 2-7-11)

The Way We Should Die (Health Care Reform Court Decision 2-3-11)

Dominoin' ('till all of dem go) (Egypt Riots 1-31-11)

Jack (by guest poet: Wonder Brown – Jack LaLane 1-27-11)

We Do Big Things (SOTU 1-26-11)

A Terminal Seat (High Alert Pt. 2) (Moscow Airport Bombing & Olbermann Departure 1-24-11)

Teddy Ballgame (“Golden Voice” Ted Williams 1-20-11)

Worst Street in Every City (Tunisia Riots & MLK Day 1-17-11)

Beds Submerging (Brisbane Flooding 1-13-11)

A Safe Way (Arizona Shooting 1-10-11)

Eightballin' 2011 (2011 Predictions 1-3-11)

We Live in Public 2010 (2010 Year in Review 12-29-10)

Off the Head (lines) 12-5-10 (Weekly Freestyle Roundup)

TWTW 11-29-10 (A Free Shipping Remix) (Weekly Roundup)

Mass Games (Korean Conflict)

Red Dawn (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty “START”)

TWTW 11-15-10 (Weekly Roundup)

If You Build It . . . (Israeli Settlements 11-15-10)

TWTW 11-8-10 (Weekly Roundup)

Dictator The Ship (Myanmar Elections 11-7-10)

Only One Can Win (U.S. Midterm Elections 11-3-10)

High Alert Pt. 1 (Yemen Terror Plot 11-1-10)

TWTW 10-25-10 (Weekly Roundup)

Top Secret (Wikileaks Afghanistan Document Dump 10-25-10)

TWTW 10-17-10 (Weekly Roundup)

Whistle Workin' (Chilean Mine Rescue 10-17-10)

Reading Madison's Mind (Sonia Sotomayor Confirmation Hearings 9-22-09)

The Last Shall Be G8' (2009 G8 Summit)

Green Out (2009 Iran Election Protests)

7 thoughts on “The Songs

  1. Peace Sintax, BIG-ups on the “We Do Big Things” cut… I so wanted to sample that quote the night of the S.O.t.U. Address. Great minds think alike, peace&love!-Spits

  2. It doesn’t get any more hip hop than “we do big things,” right?? When he said it, I was like whaaaat??? Thanks for coming through.

  3. i’ve been a fan of MarsIll for a while now, and stumbled upon a link to this site through Greg’s blog. I gotta say man, this has gotta be one of the most amazing things i’ve found in a long time! i’ve been workin with ywam for a while, doin missions work, and one of the things i picked up was actually keeping up on whats happening in the world so that we can pray effectively for our world! Man, this is def one of the BEST ways i could ever imagine to keep up-to-date on my news! haha. You are what I would describe a Kingdom-minded artist to be, and will be describing to a lot of people believe me! Be blessed man, His Grace with u.

  4. Yow, I tried clicking the links but I think it just ends with your homepage. Am I the one who has only observed this? Or this is just an error in my computer. I have tried it many times but still ended the same.

  5. Hey Maxwell, thanks for coming through. For most of the above links, if you click on it, it directs you to the blog entry for that song. So, it sort of looks like the homepage but in fact you’ve gone to that specific day’s/song’s entry. Scroll to the bottom and the song is there. Hope that helps!

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