Fast and Furious

We live in a world of necessary evil. We would have no policy in national security but for it. In almost every such act, we trade life for lives and choose less worse over worst of all. So it’s no surprise that an ATF operation like “Fast and Furious,” intended to trace gun trafficking by Mexican cartels winds up unable to account for 1000 handguns and that some of those unaccounted for weapons kills, in the hands of an unintended owner, one of our own, a US Border and Patrol agent, Brian Terry.

I’m fine with the accountability Congress is currently demanding of DOJ and Attorney General Eric Holder. But, lets not act like this wasn’t a reasonably anticipated consequence. What do you think perennially happens in the Mid East? We routinely get shot by our own weapons. Anytime you’re running in guns, whether for good or bad, some are going to walk.

In local news, one of our own, House Rep. Trey Gowdy is getting some of his first real national exposure arguing over the applicability of the executive privilege now asserted by Attorney General Holder. Gowdy was an attorney here in SC before the House. The applicability of the executive privilege, unfortunately, is precisely the sort of thing I can’t comment on for the nature of my work.

But, drug cartels?? All day e’r day, playa.

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