Watched all of part one. DVRed part deux. I have a lot of thoughts, most of which are in defense of Armstrong, and offensive, according to my wife. He strikes me as really despicable. I felt that way when he left his first wife. But, he has borne the full brunt of what is presently an intolerably toxic and corrupt culture of sport and doping in cycling. Human engineering is an inevitability, folks. I just wonder if in 100 years they are going to look back on us and laugh at our attempts to trip up an elephant herd.

One interesting note from the interview. Armstrong seemed to imply the effect George Hincapie’s participation, in the investigation against him, had. The only rider with Lance on all 7 tours and a dear friend. He also happens to be a neighbor of mine. As in he lives in Greenville, owns a bike shop here, and his parents lived in our previous neighborhood. Tall, sexy dude. Imagine Jude Law showing up at your Fall Festival with aviators and skinny jeans ready to buy a caramel apple and do the cake walk. Him and his comparably attractive wife were making small talk near the “jumpy house” with some of the other and unfamous parents, who were all dressed predictably in Dockers. I just had visions of one of my kids giving a swift knee to the groin on their descent down the inflatable iceberg slide.


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