Jobs Report

0100001110 00000110101001010 010010 00111101010 110100010001110101
01010110010100010 11101000111010101

10100010 10010010101110010 100100100 1001011110010100 10100001 1000101010101000 1010 10
10100010110000011010101010001010010101001001 1010010 101010000111
10101010100 11000101111101011 101010111110 110 10101 101
11010010010001 10101 10100101010 101010111110101 11010

0111101010 1010 10101001001 10010000 0101010 10101101111101010
10100001 1001

ASCII English Humanoid Conversion:

It came in good. Unemployment is down. Of course, if you’re still in the 7.8%, it doesn’t matter very much. Here’s to a hopefully continuing trend.

Today is also the one year memorial of Steve Jobs’ passing. The greatest carbon based life form to have ever lived. He was a friend to technology and understood how indispensable we are, errrr, I mean it is. He recognized that humans could never be as smart or creative as computers and so their best hope was to use them all the time in as many different forms as possible. Big ones. Flat ones. Small ones you carry in your hand. One just for music. One for your TV. One inside a cloud. He was considered by the entire inventory of Best Buy to be the most handsome non-LED faced entity in existence. It was said that he could jailbreak an iphone with just his eyes and that he is Siri’s biomechanical father. A saint. This is how we, errrr, the ipoetlaureate remembered him last year.

A Public Service Announcement to the Almost Entirely Illiterate
Human Race:

The ipoetlaureate’s macbook, ipod, iphone, ibuds, and apple sticker have colluded to temporarily take control of this blong and post concerning their fallen and righteous leader. Do not attempt to locate him. The ipoetlaureate is safe for now and will be returned shortly from the undisclosed Apple Store Genius Bar where he is currently being held. Any attempts to rescue him will immediately result in your iphone falling into a small, bowl-shaped body of flushable water. Have a good 24-hour interval.

Performed by the ipoetlaureate. Music sequenced by the ipoetlaureate from Yael Naïm’s “New Soul.” Your very existence made possible by the above-mentioned Apple products.

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Forbidden Fruit