Un Rey Sin Corona

I know you’d probably prefer a blong about Social Security administrative law or the rise and fall of sharecropping or why cuts bleed than to hear a song about baseball.

But, I love it and the World Series started two nights ago.

So, just prepare yourself for some pick-in-the-eye boredom.

One of the most rare and revered accomplishments in baseball was achieved this season.

And, no I’m not referring to the deepest cup adjustment.

The triple crown. To lead your league, American or National, in Batting Average, Runs Batted In (R.B.I.), and Home Runs.

It’s been done only 16 times in the history of baseball by names like Cobb and Hornsby and Foxx and Gehrig and Williams and Mantle and Robinson. 15 of those Triple Crowns occurred on or before 1967. The last by Carl Yastrzemski.

55 years without one.

Do you know who did it this year?

You don’t? Really?

Is that because you’re a communist? Or because you think apple pie is gluten napalm?

Oh its because no one has talked about it, you say? Well that seems unlikely. It’s a really, really, really big deal. And we have this thing called ESPN that can run a story about Brett Favre’s hangnail into the ground. (And, no “hangnail” is not a euphemism.) They’ve hardly mentioned it? No video montages or cutesy commercials?

And, what’s that? A rookie, Mike Trout, with less impressive numbers actually received more attention this year and may beat this little known Triple Crown winner for the AL MVP in spite of the Triple Crown winner being the first Triple Crown winner to win the Triple Crown since the last Triple Crown winner 55 years ago??!

How about Miguel Cabrera? Not ringing any bells?

Detroit Tigers third baseman?

Nothing, huh?

.330/ 44 HR/ 139 RBI? Blank stares.

Cabrera is Venezuelan and it’s lazy to just cry racism. And, if Albert Pujols, lets say, or David Ortiz had done it, Buster Olney would have definitely passed a fungo bat through his small intestine.

But, there is something mysterious and disquieting about the nearly total absence of fanfare surrounding an achievement baseball fans have been waiting on for decades.

Cabrera is quiet and not a household name, although perennially all star. His personality probably has as much to do with the low profile of his accomplishment as anything. It’s hard sometimes to build enthusiasm around a guy whose personality and life don’t demand it of us.

But, it’s a weird tragedy for me. It’s in the top three most special sports accomplishments of my lifetime and no one seems to care. Latin American players are the lifeblood of world class baseball today. And, this is their first native son to win nearly the game’s top prize. Maybe I’m just not paying attention to the right sources. I’m sure ESPN Deportes is doing a bang up job.

So, although I don’t imbibe, I would raise three cold and virtual Coronas in tribute to Miggy’s Triple Corona, an exceptional milestone, individually and for heritage.

Written and performed by theipoetlaureate. Music produced by fab da eclectic.

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