The Girls

I normally stretch to remember the humanbeingness of serial killers, rapists, and sexual predators. The easiest take is to call them Monsters.

In just a few weeks’ time, we’ve seen the Ariel Castro plea and sentencing; heard additional allegations of another Ohio man holding three women; and, just the other day, learned news that a 15-year old was restrained in a box for hours at a time on a pot farm, in Northern California.

I assume it’s like autism or ADHD. Or planter fasciitis among athletes. Always been around but just now really diagnosing it. So it looks like a new problem, when it’s not.

If, in 2013, people can hide humans, unbeknownst to neighbors and family, for a decade, without discovery, then how often was this occurring let’s say 100 years ago, without equivalent law enforcement, abduction awareness, telecommunications, social media, and unrelenting news coverage?

100% more? 200%?

Or, maybe, it’s precisely for the privacy and busyness of modern life and the availability of technology and resources to carry out such horror in relative anonymity that the incidence of human hoarding is increased.

I ask myself:

Would I want my loved one victimized but left for dead or, eventually returned, but only after an unspeakable duration of imprisonment and irreversible physical and psychological torture?

That they would die.

But, the rate, now or historically, really doesn’t matter. The thought of just one. One woman. One child. One friend. Locked. Chained. Boxed?

I believe in a God that has specific, personal concern for people created. But, the very immediate cosmic inattention to our very bad behavior is a persistent and ruthless siege upon that belief. Eternity promises to make it all whole.

There really isn’t any other angle on these stories. Just their pain.

Missing Teens Found Alive In Cleveland Home

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The Box


Color My Map

My wife couldn’t get over John King’s hands. (King, along with Wolf Blitzer, is one of CNN’s main electoral analysts on election night.) They were frozen in a sort of claw position no matter the gesture. I told her, “Uh. Everyone knows the molded action-figure-finger is the optimal hand positioning for manipulating the Magic Board.” Sheesk. She knows nothing about politics.

On another night where only “swing states” really mattered, John King’s crippled hands and political analysts, cable-wide, were literally swinging around digital states like misshapen blue and red pucks on ice. Grided counties and precincts and swirling percentages and exit polls and actual votes. It was like a math team had exploded.

This just in: I nailed my Montana prediction. Again.

The candidates have been campaigning relentlessly in places like Ohio and Pennsylvania and Virginia and Florida and Colorado for the chance that those states would swing to their ledger. Tonight Romney was only able to pendulum Virginia and Indiana and North Carolina, however. That was never going to be enough.

[For those of you keeping score at home, I went Obama, Romney, Obama on my predictions. Best 2 out of 3. Consider it “nailed.”]

I don’t mind the political striation of our country. It’s pretty amazing really. America is not comprised of drastically red and blue states, although such creatures exist. I mean, places like Florida and Colorado are literally split down the middle 50/50. And, that’s a real impressive thing. Our political differences live on top of each other. Don’t let the map and King’s hobbled hands fool you. It’s not red in the middle and blue on the edges. It’s a puzzle of both throughout.

I’m thankful for the mad theater of our national presidential race. It’s like the Super Bowl and Family Fued all rolled up into one. It creates real democratic energy and I believe we will see that turnout was up again for a fifth straight election.

My wife also wondered out loud whether John King was married for his incessant breathless and auctioneer style talking. Surely not. And, she vowed that she would certainly call to tell me to stop if I were ever in his position. Did I mention she plainly knows very little about politics?? Incessant talking like a precious treasure.

Congratulations to President Obama. I believed he had earned a second term. And while I don’t publicly endorse, I had privately hoped. As I indicated, we would have been in capable hands either way. But, I’ve always sensed in President Obama a discretion that I could trust even over policy I could not.


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