Bright Side

Trust me, it wasn’t for lack of trying. To contract it, I engaged in all the traditional and recommended activities. But, apparently I’m impervious to mononucleosis. I mean a month off from shool?? I would have made it with Mrs. Fink and drank a bottle of baseball team back wash, for 30 straight days of Rocky IV and Sega Genesis.


Same with this whole government shutdown deal. As a federal employee, I’m sort of eyeing a little unpaid vacation. Like a snow day. Not a week or month. A couple days. Of course, my boss thinks I’ve been “shutdown” for years.

Unfortunately, I perform a lot of what they call “essential” constitutional functions, like web-surfing and email-checking and reading internal administrative memorandum about what might happen if we do shut down.  Stuff that can’t be ignored.

But, I’m just saying, government shutdown = more news raps.  You guys do the math.

Performed by ipoet. Music produced by dj elder and dj etch-a-sketch.

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