Principled Non-Principle

Congressman Todd Akin, a candidate for one of the two US Senatorial seats in Missouri, implied fairly directly this week that the female body physiologically rejects any zygote conceived in a forcible rape situation such that the question of whether or not an abortion should be legal for instances of rape is effectively rendered moot. In other words, such children essentially never come to term. He’s getting destroyed as an ignoramus.

Apparently, the media misses the pre-chewed cud of an around the clock Olympics, to be covering this thing in such volume. I can’t imagine a more overdone story.

Two things.

First, Akin’s view, not isolated by any means, is plain evidence of principal taken to an illogical extreme. There is this contemporary view of courage and principledness that says they are to be exercised without regard to circumstance or condition. I just am unaware of any great teaching on moral wisdom that would ever suffer such a position — roteness. Wisdom is precisely the moral and just application of truth to nuance. Wisdom is not one size fits all. Like a snapback.

So you don’t prove yourself to be the most pro-life by being so to the exclusion of all other life considerations than the fairly prospective one of the baby’s.

Second, WHO CARES??! Everybody is in a race to demand that he set aside his candidacy. Just don’t vote for the man. Ignore him.

Actually, I really don’t believe this second point. It won’t write. It does matter. Maybe not everyone shares his radical biology theories, but there are many, many like him who stretch to find reason to vilify abortion in every single instance, unnecessarily.

I know because I did. Paul Ryan might.

Whatever the issue, we have to be unafraid to speak with reasonableness. The pro-life movement should not see the core case for the unborn jeopardized if ever it were to make even a thoughtful allowance for that other life involved. You know. You might have heard of her.


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