My schedule remains a work in progress.  The goal is a Monday and a Thursday song. Everything is in place to meet the Thursday deadline this week.  So check back or risk not knowing anything about what happened in the world.  You will look like a fool, I promise.

People seem to be having difficulty finding the audio.  Sometime around the advent of the cassette tape player the triangle was designated as the universal symbol for “play.”  For every post that contains audio (but no video), one of these mysterious triangles will appear preceding the title of the relevant song.  If you will depress the mouse itself (mac) or the mouse’s button (PC) when your cursor hovers over top, my voice will magically but regrettably appear.

As you can see, I have great technical expertise, so please do not hesitate to forward me any additional operating questions.

In truth, the site needs all sorts of improvements.  Suggestions or concerns about content and accessibility are genuinely desired.

Thanks to all who have made the first week so much fun.

Please pass the word along to any professionals, students, hip-hop heads, or wealthy benefactors who you suspect may be wanting their news delivered in rap.  I’m assuming this is a pretty significant group of people.

One thought on “Housekeeping

  1. This is so dope. I loved those vids you did a while ago. I wish you well on keeping up with the deadlines. You got the skills to pull it off, if you only have the time.

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