Field of Dreams

I was scrambling for the right topic late into the evening.  A lot of stories are lingering from last week that already saw some coverage from this site.   My own experience in the Middle East puts this matter squarely within the bailiwick of my emotions, if not my perspective.  As in all matters, there are two painfully complex and reasonable views over this conflict of such obviously longitudinal significance.  As usual, I am taking no particular side, except that of humanity’s in general.

Themes include immediate risk to 10-month moratorium on settlement expansion in West Bank (and East Jerusalem) and the recently proposed compromise to extend it an additional three months in hopes that more permanent boundaries might be drawn for the Israeli and Palestinian states.  In the estimation of some, President Obama may have sacrificed too much.  The calculation is a difficult one.

Performed by ipoet.  Music produced by pumpkinFoot.

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If You Build It . . .

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