A throwback Monday song.  By the skin of my London Fog.  Themes include the dubious ratification of the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START);  1984 Cold War movie classic, Red Dawn; and the the divergent views on the effectiveness of the treaty’s terms for America’s national security and missile defense.  And, for all you nerdy, nerds out there, I am aware that the Soviet Union no longer exists.  But it did in 1984, so my reference thereto is period appropriate.  So go chew on a MiG turret!

“We’re all going to die, die standing up!!”

Jed Eckert

Performed by ipoet.  Music produced by pumpkinFoot.

Today’s propagandized audio here:

Red Dawn

P.S.  A Red Dawn remake is apparently in the works but delayed.  Funny, because I was just thinking that what we could really use right now in the scope of American history is an additional people group to fear/loathe.  This is great.

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