2010 in Review: A Year Without Clothes

Not my one year anniversary but still the first close of a calendar year since the site has been officially operative.  Sort of sentimental.  I’m popping Zycam to get it done.  Thanks for the support.  I hope you stick around for 2011.

Generally, I thought this year was marked by the continued evolution of our publicly anonymous lives.  We’re sharing more secrets and being extended less privacy.  Assange forces the issue; Facebook seduces it.  We know the intimate details of Elizabeth Edwards’ pitiable betrayal and demise.  Brett Favre is preserved for posterity (ostensibly) on Sterger’s phone.  But your personal blog is just one in a million and your tweets are like vapor.  So as the volume of information reaches crescendo, is any particular person at risk of exposed privacy or will that same glom of information ultimately be the curtain that shields it?  Like how your presence in a crowd is necessarily public but in only rare instances noticed.

The title of this song was inspired by a documentary of the same name, We Live in Public, about the life of Josh Harris an internet pioneer who conducted a live experiment in voyeurism that ably predicted much of the social and privacy phenomena now developing in our increasingly networked experience.  (It is a fairly graphic account.)

Stories include, among others, the BP oil spill, LeBron’s decision, the midterm elections, the World Cup, Chilean mine collapse, health care reform, Tiger Woods, Ground Zero Mosque, the Toyota recall, and various policy matters.

Happy New Year!

Performed by ipoet.  Music Produced by pumpkinFoot.

Today’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve audio here (it has been said, positively I assume, that I’m the Ryan Seacrest of this rap game):

We Live in Public 2010

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