Above-the-Fold Freestyle Feature [Take 1]

My earliest visions for this site, included news freestyles.  For those who don’t know, a freestyle is an unwritten, unrehearsed rap.  Entirely extemporaneous.  [There is some debate over the etymology of the word “freestyle,” however.  Among the first east coast emcess, the term originally referred to a topicless, albeit prepared, verse.  “Off the top” or “off the dome” was the phrase used to describe an ad-libbed rap.  Regardless of its origins, the word “freestyle” has since plainly evolved into the most common term for an improvised rap that has not been previously prepared and that is written simultaneous to its delivery.]

I’ve hesitated on the feature just because freestyling, while a comfortable and longstanding practice, is not my bailiwick.  But freestyling is hip-hop at its essence:  wit and style under pressure.  And, hip-hop is almost always about putting yourself out there.  I couldn’t in good artistic conscience run a rap blog and not allow space for the kind of spontaneity that the culture was built upon.

So for my first attempt at the feature, I logged on to CNN.com, noted the time, and then freestyled the headlines.  A verbal screenshot.  Not written.  Not premeditated.  For better, but mostly worse, spontaneous.

In other important news, my son won his game on Saturday;

we caught a Shonlock show on Sunday;

and we remain Gamecocks for life.

Freestyle by  ipoet.   Music produced by Sivion.

Today’s by-the-seat-of-my-pants audio here:

Off the Head (lines) 12-5-10

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