A State of our Union Special: The Kid from Scranton Fist Pump

The ipoet is here.  The reason this site exists.    To rap the news stories that make the average man’s nose bleed.   After a fairly long day at work and then roller skating with my boy (” . . . it’s a Saturday, a Saturday . . .”) and then cleaning my room and making three lunches and preparing small business tax returns, I sat down to studiously watch the State of the Union because I knew you couldn’t.   (Or maybe wouldn’t because it’s so revolting).  Either way, I wasn’t going to let you down.  The event is too essential to your daily lives and too rich in unintentional comedy to ignore.  (Last time I blogged about a State of the Union, I was convinced I saw Gary Coleman.)  For all the constitutional tradition’s ridiculousness, and it runs deep, President Obama brought the affair to a genuinely nice crescendo.  We Do Big Things.

So please pay very close attention to today’s blong hit.  The fate of your day might very well hang in the balance.

Themes include Speaker Boehner’s propensity to cry and other extremely important policy issues.

Performed by ipoet.  Music produced by . . . (drum roll) . . . you guessed it, pumpkinFoot!!

Today’s bonus audio here:

We Do Big Things

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