Personals: man seeking dignity

Man, I hate this.  Hate it.  I hate the public shame of it all.  A congressman resigned his post last night for having been ostensibly caught advertising himself on Craigslist, the infamous online and localized classifieds.  I hesitate to even cover it but for the opportunity to make sure we keep some perspective.  His acts were deplorable, as alleged.  He has a family and a high public duty.  His position necessarily makes the story news.  But, we live in a society that invites, in culture and accessibility, the behavior and then parades private failures to our mutual shame, as though we’re repeatedly stunned that it occurs.  This is not a puritanical appeal to close the interwebs.  Or even some self-righteous critique of the attention the story justifiably attracts.  It is a reminder of the value of human dignity and privacy that must be rediscovered even as we learn to live in public.

It’s also a request to please be careful.   Temptation is a lion.

Performed by ipoet.  Music produced by DJ Transform.

Today’s audio classifieds here:

Craig's Got A List

8 thoughts on “Personals: man seeking dignity

  1. “Temptation is a lion.” Can’t really say it any better than that. Funny how we’re so quick to throw away a lifetime for a few stolen moments…

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  3. Dwain, great point. Show me someone who has mastered temptation and I’ll show you a person on the verge of disaster.

  4. i heard on the news this morning that the forecast is partly kids keeping it real with a chance of losing they soul’s for cheap thrills. but that was just some cooky forecaster. also, i met my husband and found a couch on CL, both in totally respectable ways. craig’s been good to me. i just need to represent.

  5. Ash, I’m not trying to bash Craig (internal rhyme). In fact, if you had listened to the song, I repeatedly requested to be placed ON his list. Thanks for coming through and quoting me from days gone by.

    Thanks guys for the thoughtful responses. I’m super glad the song was to such a good effect.

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