Somebody’s Friend

The United States of America participated in an allied shelling of Libya over the weekend in execution of a U.N. Security Council Resolution that the civilians of Libya be protected against the brutality and occupation of the military regime.

Intervention is such a difficult strategic and policy call. There is tragedy worth diverting, by military and other means, all over the world, every day. How we choose to apply our broad but finite resources to intervene in human suffering is a lot more complex than whether or not they simply need it; because, of course, they always do.

Gadhafi is brutalizing his own people. But, so have many, and recently, before him. Not all bad acts have received the luxury of our response. Military action against autonomous nation states is a grave decision. We have done it a lot lately.

May we always strive to be a blessing and kill none. Sometimes people give us no choice.

Performed by ipoet. Music produced by dj clutch.

Today’s audio here:

Bless With a Gun

6 thoughts on “Somebody’s Friend

  1. Hey Joe.
    Thanks again for using my beats. Its an honour to collaborate in this way.

    That being said I think that Jesus and his early followers gave an example of how it is better to be killed than to kill. You say “sometimes people give us no choice” but I think we have been given a choice by God even when people try to take that choice.
    With a mind set of “kill to save some” we only perpetuate the idea that the death of an enemy is the safety of all. When that mind set is in anyone our only hope is that they have pure hearts and intentions.

    I come from an ancestry that believes in peace. I think that Martin Luther King Jr.’s “non-violent resistance” is applicable around the world in how to handle conflict. Ghandi of corse is a great example as well. There are many stories to tell of when non-violence has triumphed over military force.

    I realize this is a conversation that will go on for years and there really is no easy answer to it, surely minds don’t get changed over blog comments and I doubt I could win in an argument against a lawyer, but non-violence is something I stand for very strongly so I had to speak my piece. The way you spoke on it was good though, a spirit of searching for truth and justice, I enjoy the song.
    Lets continue that prayer of Gods justice for Libya and listen for Gods call of what he would like us to do.
    thank you

  2. I actually agree. The song was, of course, intended to challenge the notion of “kill to save some.” And, while I generally agree that people of faith are called to private pacifism, from the view of pluralistic nation states, comprised of individuals who do not believe as you and I do, it is an untenable foreign policy, if applied absolutely — in other words, we cannot impose a requirement on others that they be killed rather than kill; it is a personal choice before the Creator.

    The beat is dope.

  3. For sure man. I see what your saying.
    You are saying “we” as humanity, not “we” as the body of Christ in the song. That makes sense.

    The raps are dope.

  4. really cool track…love the comments. This DJ Clutch cat is tight:)…oh and u Sintax ;)

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