I was on the road when I originally made this post. My laptop battery was literally within seconds of failing when I uploaded the two songs. I may or may not have been in a strip mall parking lot at about midnight pirating a certain well-known, Northwestern-based coffee bean company’s wi-fi to get it done. It’s all conjecture.

I normally do a Monday and a Thursday song but for various reasons couldn’t. So I owed you two. Thus, the title of the post. In retrospect, however, it was also apropos considering that the main song, “Raising the Roof,” is about debt, and I didn’t even realize it at the time. I owed you and America owes countless others.

To that point, we stood completely upright this week and hit our financial head on the impossibly high debt ceiling of 14.294 trillion dollars, the limit on the amount of money we can borrow as a country. Geithner has petitioned Congress for more. A bi-partisan group of senators unoriginally named the Gang of 6 (is there not any other synonym for “group” other than “gang” which might be used to describe these roving and heroic bands of congresspersons?). The gang has been meeting for literally months in anticipation of this event attempting to find ways to cut entitlement and other spending but recently lost Tom Coburn (R) and fell apart. Apparently, Biden has stepped in, as a final emissary. We’re doomed. The debt crisis is way above my pay grade. But, suffice it to say, on both the corporate and personal level, it feels like EVERYTHING is leveraged. I mean the value of “money” or exchange is necessarily an agreed upon fiction and debt is simply a fictional subsection of that fiction. A fiction within a fiction. But, at some point we’re all like the D-List celebrity on the red carpet whose whole wardrobe is leased. Or maybe that’s just rappers in rap videos.

The second song, Deadline, I did in about 17 minutes and it’s just a song about doing news raps. I owed you a second one, not a masterpiece. IOU.

Performed by ipoet. Raising the Roof produced by Sundance. Deadline produced by Diaz from Hungary.

Raising the Roof (Red Carpet Rental) Deadline

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