Wicked Witch

The midwest was devastated by storms this week. Joplin, Missouri in particular. 4 tornadoes turned the city into a literal landfill. The images cannot be believed. It looks impossible. This is an easy story not to pay attention to. Twisters are kind of whimsical lore. The bane of directional witches. Please look at the pictures. Inescapably real.

No ruby slippers to take them home.

Many are dead or missing. Here are their names.

Performed by ipoet. Music produced by dj transform.

Today’s song blog here:

No Ruby Red

6 thoughts on “Wicked Witch

  1. From a Joplin resident, I am grateful for this song. It is great to hear the response from across the nation. As a longtime DS5 fan, I thank you for covering this very tragic event. The pictures don’t even do it justice.

  2. Eric, I am (ipoet laureate) the author of the song. I write and perform essentially all the material on this site. I blog in song. Any particular reason why?

    TLane, sorry I missed your comment before. Thanks for the kind words, man.

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