12 Angry Men

My apologies to Nancy Grace. This ain’t her fault.

I didn’t watch a minute of the Casey Anthony trial. Literally, not one. I know the sparest about it. This song blog is not some considered opinion on its outcome. It appears reasonably perceived as wrong.

But, it seems a collective sin that we so consistently relish the sensational and scream for guilt. I don’t know if we fall into fury for the actual loss of the victim’s justice or for some blood thirst. It’s not like we fear Casey Anthony on the streets. And, our 24-hour news cycle of tabloid television doesn’t help. Nancy’s name seems ironic. I mourn for Caylee. But, she’s all good. If there is a God, she’s all good. My greatest lament is for those among us who, in the name of vindication, seem to have no goal but revenge.

The Courts are a violent place. By its nature, the criminal verdict does violence. Oft justified, but violence nonetheless. It rips liberty, and at times, life, from people and families. It is serious business. We should neither hope for it unnecessarily or celebrate it like some birthday party or lottery win.

I’ve never been able to relate to the post-verdict jubilance of a victim’s family. Then again, I’ve never been victimized. But, I suspect that I couldn’t muster much joy. And, maybe theirs is feigned or forced or some sort of mask. I think, mostly, I would despair.

At the same time, knowing how precarious and prone to error our judicial process can be, I could never be confident of any outrage over a failed prosecution. American justice is built on the notion that it is a fundamentally lesser wrong to allow the guilty to walk than the innocent be detained. In suspiscious outcomes like the Casey Anthony trial, we can take solice in two things: (a) punishment could never have redeemed the victim and (b) we have averted the worse hell of a wrongful conviction. That is not to say, “Let them all go.” But, let us not cry with such arrogance, like we know.

Let us be about grace. It is what we would want for ourselves.

Performed by the ipoet. Music produced by dj clutch.

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8 thoughts on “12 Angry Men

  1. I’m glad u decided to speak about this. I’ll try to keep this short. First, I have so much disdain for Nancy Grace, who appears to only want to instigate and incite instead of inspire. Fear mongering of the lowest level.
    Here’s the thing, we’ll never know what happened, only those three know. Feeling long-winded, I’ll end with this – I genuinely feel the Casey Anthony trial got so much Media attention to purposely distract us from the real issues we’re facing in this country.

  2. Dwain, a lot of truth here. We don’t know what happened and it’s always better to err on the side of doubt. Jurors aren’t swindled. When they get in the box they take it dead serious. For the full jury to acquit her is pretty telling. People think they know. But, until it is your job to value the evidence and make a permanent decision about someone’s life, you can’t imagine the gravity.

  3. Well stated. Isn’t Christ’s grace freeing! We know in the end justice is in Gods hands. There is no need for a believer to dwell on injustice or revenge.

    All I have heard all week in the office “I hope she lives a miserable life in shame and guilt.” or ” she won’t live long. O know someone will take justice into their own hands and knock her off.”

    If only light was shown in all our dark places it would be much harder to condemn.

  4. Ahhh, Daniel, such wisdom!

    Tanner, freedom is the word. Freedom from our own pettiness and bitterness. I think of the parable of the ungrateful servant.

  5. Ok, I wasn’t going to say anymore but the second line of this piece has been eating at me. Regarding fault and Nancy Grace, I’d ask you to Google two words: Melinda Duckett. Would this case have gotten half the attention if not for individuals like Nancy fanning the flames?
    Regarding the jury and the verdict, I only recently found out her father is a former cop…so I’m even less surprised than I originally was with the outcome. Gonna end it here unfinished which seems fitting…apologies for taking up the space.

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