In a Name: A Resolution

It is resolved, henceforth, that the ipoet laureate would not raise any objection to his fans referring to him as Samuel L. Rhythms, Mark Slaing, Huckleberry Spins, Tom Lawyer (credit to djclutch), Johann Sebastian Rocks, Alex P. Creepin’, Ludwig Van Beatshoven, or by my heraldry name, precisely as follows, D. Josev Brewer. These have all been trademarked, copywritten, franchised, flabbergasted, powerwashed, lubed, notarized, noogied, spit-shined, calibrated, and deep-tissue massaged. Any unauthorized appropriation of these name properties will be grounds for public whining. Thou shalt not refer to me either in official or informal capacities as Joe, Joey, Joebee, Joe of Arc, Joe Giudice, Joe Mama, or Sloppy Joe.

For any newbies, song tomorrow for my regular Thursday installment. See Mondays for my Monday installment. Or any other day of the week I dang please. Wherever and whenever the news is.

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