A Christmas Carol

A new carol for the holiday. A chance to Charlie-Brown-back-to-life a difficult season for a friend or neighbor whose year has been less than ideal.

I don’t hide my affection for Christmas, it’s sacred and it’s secular. These months, I’m filled. As we guard our hearts against the excesses of wanting and needing and decorating and planning, we can find joy in all that is good, whether under a stable or tree.

Performed by ipoet. Music produced by djclutch.

Today’s song blog here:

Tree Trim

4 thoughts on “A Christmas Carol

  1. If by “Photoshop,” you mean right click/save as function, then yes, expert. Seriously, these things amazingly already exist somewhere in the ether. God bless the internet. By the way, T, your use of the article “the” before Photoshop was typically genius.

  2. I like the song quite a bit. It’s interesting, I have a hard time not being mostly irritated around this season, due to the abundance of disheartening statements I hear from people desperate for the “perfect gift.” I guess in mind, since we’ve already technically been given the “Perfect GIFT,” I find it hard to understand why folks are so tied into the concept of a bad gift being the WORST thing in the world. Isn’t the act of giving and the instance of receiving a gift from ANYONE, a joy enough?

    Maybe I just see it differently, since getting gifts is a rarity for me. I just think that the “giving” is more joyful and festive than trying to give “perfectly.”

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