YEAR ONE: Album Release

What Southern Living may or may not be calling the greatest collection of instrument playing and voice modulation since Little Jimmy Dickens’ May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose, the ipoetlaureate has made available, for purchase, the entire 80 song catalog from the first year of operation here at Others are saying things about the record. Many have said even more words about it. Insiders have proclaimed it a project that can be heard, possibly. Sports Illustrated said something roughly to the effect, “Why, I never.” Similar praise has been echoed by people.

Over the course of the year, 2, 3, maybe even as many as 4, people have pleaded that I make the songs available. Although their pitiful dreams and infatuation with my talents mean very little to me, I saw this as an easy opportunity to make as much as $50.

It can be purchased at any fine retail or online establishment, as in only right here. Happy Holidays! Buy 3 or 4 for your family.

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