Year of the Rabbit

End-of-year accolades. They’re piling up on my shelf (granted, the shelf is uncommonly small). The latest is an honorable mention for my album, Prince With A Thousand Enemies (PWTE), in’s Top 11 rap albums of 2011. It’s not a lightweight or niche or religious rap site. The top 11 includes such rap luminaries as Jay-Z and Kanye and Common and the Roots and Kendrick Lamar and Evidence and JCole. My contemporaries in the honorable mention bin, among others, include Eminem and Lupe Fiasco and Phonte and Tyler, the Creater and, my homeboy, Heath McNease. So, let’s just say I’m getting fitted for a raspberry cummerbund in anticipation of my 2012 Grammy’s “save the date” card. I have it on good word that I if I play my hand right I could be bussing the after party. Think of the tips?!

This guy, here (and he may literally just be some guy), also included PWTE in his albums of the year.

AND, there is a good chance that a major metropolitan newspaper might be giving some modest coverage to this site later in the week.

Add these accolades, to my 4th Grade Spelling Bee Championship and my 2001 Runner-Up Fantasy Football finish, and, let’s just say, the trophy case is gettin’ a little swole.

Speaking of swelling, feel free to expand my wallet, by purchasing Prince With a Thousand Enemies at itunes or here or various other online outlets.

For those that may not know, the album is about rabbits. Richard Adams’ Watership Down rabbits to be precise. Maybe not so coincidentally, 2011 was the Year of the Rabbit (hat tip to Brian Gunderson). So, I suppose, this crush of success sort of stands to reason. It was just my year.

Also, don’t forget, the complete anthology of 80 songs, YEAR ONE, from this site’s first year of operation is also available for purchase. More important than your financial support, if you dig this site, please tell a friend. Friends don’t let friends miss out on rap news. Don’t hog it all for yourself.

The clamor for my 2012 Eightballin’ predictions has reached a nearly riotous frenzy. It will be done in short order, hopefully. I have some out of town obligations that make its immediate completion, dubious. Plus, you can’t rush good guessing. These things have to come to you, typically, in an ink black cauldron. Dragon bones and cow livers and tea leaves and double, double toil and trouble. And, some of my principal sources haven’t checked in. Bernanke, Anderson Cooper, Tim Tebow, Obama, LMFAO. I’m sure they’re sitting on some juicy inside info.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great holiday. And, welcome back to your lives. Jobs, bills, and news rap.

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