Reading Between the Lines

You do this long enough and your mind starts conjuring those paranoid murals of irrationality out of news articles, linked by pushpins and colored string and collaged clipped phrases, indicating that surely all the world’s events are connected. Gibson in Conspiracy Theory or Crowe in A Beautiful Mind. The Heat won the Championship. Deadly Colorado wildfire. A million in the midwest and east without air-conditioning. Should have buried the power lines. The 100M women’s Olympic trial ends in a real-live and controversial dead heat at the finish line. Fourth of July and hot dogs. Katie Holmes leaves Tom Cruise because, while he is hot, he’s a nutcake. Well, maybe the last bit is a stretch.

Anyway. Heat. Fire. Power and finish lines. You can’t invent this kind of stuff.

But, the same seasonal heat that makes memorable our annual Fourth of July activities and celebrations, this year, has brought severe and permanent tragedy for many. We remember them, even as we’re thankful for so many blessings of God and country.

By the way. This is my 200th post. So, this one goes out to all the haters. (Actually, there have been exactly zero haters but that’s what you’re supposed to say when you make it. And, trust me, 200 self-important posts unquestionably means you’re made.)

Performed by ipoet. Music produced by Sundance.

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Dead Heat

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