Love Hurts

So we just switched from Directv to DISH to save some cash on our monthly television bill. I know. That’s like going to only one Tahoe to save on gas or drinking a diet soda at a Mongolian Barbeque to save on calories. Baby steps. Except if the baby couldn’t actually take any steps at all.

Unfortunately, in the process we lost AMC. They’ve been in a significant contract battle with DISH since the summer. And, whatever hopes there might have been of rectifying the fallout seem all but dashed now considering AMC’s around the clock campaign against DISH. Very subtle. I think they’ve blamed DISH for everything from daylight savings time to asthma. I might have miread it, but I think I saw an ad which implied that DISH was responsible each time an ice cream cone melts.

I have no dog in the fight. I just needed to save like 50 bones a month.

Anyway, Guess what premeired tonight on AMC? Walking Dead Season 3. You know. The serial zombie apocalypse show, where they push arrows through the eyes of the undead and watch their loved ones meet unspeakable ends.

And, guess what my wife’s and my favorite romantic drama is? Walking Dead.

So, guess what we’re not getting to watch tonight? Yup. Walking Dead.

AMC offered a live stream. If you guessed that the site crashed for the traffic you would be dead right, in a manner of speaking.

This is literally our favorite show. We’re night owls anyway. Her photos. My music. But, it’s like we’ve survived something together after every episode. She knows full well that I would die within 4 or 5 seconds of the apocalypse. But, she’s sweet not to say anything. Sometimes she’ll even try and build me up, like, “If it wasn’t for your bad eye, slight build, and chronic indeciveness you could be as fearless as Shane.”

I don’t think I’ve ever written my wife a love song. Maybe a couple lines here or there but never a whole song. Sort of pitiful, right? I mean, I even did a song for that face transplant guy.

So, tonight, melancholy for not being able to watch the premier, and in honor of the romance it brings us, I dedicate this blong.

UPDATE: We got to watch it! They mentioned Greenville, SC. A guy got his leg amputated with a hatchet. And then we kissed a lot. Perfect night.

Written and performed by theipoetlaureate. Music produced by djclutch.

Today’s song blog here:

Walking Dead

6 thoughts on “Love Hurts

  1. I love this show!! Stephanie and I also tend to make fun of the commercials we see on AMC referring to the fact that Dish subscibers can’t watch the show. Sorry for you guys! We have Charter, but I think if we ever do decide to switch, we will have to go with something that still has AMC. Happy hunting:)

  2. Hilarious! It is my fave show, too! Can’t convince L to watch it. He doesn’t understand it is more than just a zombie show…

  3. It’s our favorite show, too! Your song is way too funny – you need to send it to AMC, maybe they will play it on the Talking Dead.

  4. @Noellen, hysterical. Those commercials are relentless. DISH hates babies! DISH eats cow patties!

    @Christy, I essentially blame you for all of this. I had no plans of ever going back and watching. And, that’s a great idea about the Talking Dead. They do a good recap. I’ll let you know.

    Update: I just tweeted @AMCTalkingDead. We’ll see! Don’t hesitate to spread the word! :)

    @Cathy, yeah, explain to L that it’s not just a show about zombies. It’s about zombies AND really annoying humans. I don’t suspect he’ll be able to resist.

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