Shiny Things

Every year our family mobs deep in the Honda Odyssey, eating Trans-Fat-Free Krispy Kreme and checking for seasonal lawn decorations.

krispy kreme kids

It’s become one of my favorite traditions. Along with shopping road rage, of course. I probably would have used a certain merry hand gesture to express my displeasure the other day but I was too busy texting and driving. Sheesk that other guy. (Wait, what did you think I meant? No, not that one. We call it the “Baptist Bird.” It’s more like a “thumbs up” or “I’ll be on my way now!”)

Whether you’re into decorated houses or just the celebratory tinsel of the season, our culture has a preoccupation with shiny things. I try to keep two thoughts in mind: (1) not everyone’s December is full of cheer and (2) there is a more significant Light that should never be obscured by ice cycle ones and snow globes.

Speaking of distraction, peep this vintage blowmold Santa we bought! Now that’s the true meaning of Christmas. Plug-in plastic!

blowmold santa

Until next weekend, it will mostly be seasonal themed songs. You’ll have to get your news the ol’ fashioned way, I guess.

From the Colbert Report.

Happy Holiday and a Merry Christmas!

Performed by ipoetlaureate. Music produced by Dave Santos.

Today’s blong here:

Christmas Lights

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