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If you’ve ever been to Boston you’ve probably been forced to walk, likely by a mom or wife, some portion of the “Freedom Trail” against your will. You have to wonder why one must abandon so much self determination to walk a trail named “freedom” but, anyway. The Freedom Trail is, of course, a walking tour of Boston’s historic sites, where I’m proud to say I had a pair of Stan Smith’s re-cobbled only a few years ago. I also had a bracelet smithed out of a soup spoon.

Liberty is a type of collusion. An agreement among everyone to respect the rule of law in service of freedom. It’s completely voluntary.

Collusions, however, are easily broken. In fact, there is extraordinarily high incentive to do so. Our susceptibility to violence, therefore, is evidence of how well and complete the collusion of our liberty is working. We’re easy pickings. When an assailant from within or without violates the contract — the agreement not to fall into anarchy — they exact from us a cost. A toll for being so free, so open, so liberated. Our martyrs, whether at a marathon or in an elementary school or on a skyscraper, are a kind of penance paid to democracy and inalienable rights. Like a soldier or revolutionary, when we are murdered exercising our freedoms, even ones as routine as a road race, it is literally a kind of patriotic act. Every mundane act of our lives is a declaration that we would be free in spite of the ongoing danger to do so.

They’ll run again next year. A marathon and a freedom trail.

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4 thoughts on “Freedom Trail

  1. Is the Press Junket on temporary Hiatus? …Sabbatical? …or another highlight in the career as you move onto the next thing?

    If so, may I propose a best of post. Just interested in your reflection on what are maybe your favorite top 15-20 songs. Tough Job..

    Sincerely – representing the silent voice of fans missing some fresh raps

  2. Your writing here explains well the balance of liberty and security. Where the agreement is kept, we have 100 percent security and 100 percent liberty. Sacrifices are made when agreement is broken.

  3. And what are we to do?
    strengthen the agreement, communicate the collusions, so that we can all come to an understanding that we are not to harm each other in any way.
    Honest communication is key.

  4. Tanner, thanks for the concern and the suggestion. When I’m finally through we’ll definitely do some retrospective and round up. I really appreciate your presence on the site.

    James, thanks for coming through. I think you’re new to the site? Great comments/observations. Communication is the key.

    It’s not so much that there’s something to do as there is something to understand. From time to time, for our liberty, we will suffer severe loss. We should take as many reasonable precautions against terror and crime as a free society can suffer but at some point we just have to accept a certain human cost and toll. That’s not a very sensitive or diplomatic view, I suppose. But, we can take some pride in being willing to collectively offer such a sacrifice in the name of real and democratic freedom.

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